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FaireSize Hypoallergenic Nest dog bed and cradle

FaireSize Hypoallergenic Nest dog bed and cradle

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This dog bed is made to be comfortable, hygienic and hypoallergenic to best match your pet’s needs but also easy to carry with handlers and to wash and maintain, answering the needs of moms and dads. 


Ergonomically Designed: Our bed features a rounded shape that cradles your dog, leaving them feeling snug and secure without any loose parts to worry about.

Hypoallergenic and Easy to Clean: The cover is hypoallergenic, made from cotton, and can be washed with bleach (following bottle specifications) to ensure cleanliness and freshness.

Handles for Convenience: We've added handles for easy transport, so you can take your pet's comfort easily around. 

Double-Sided Design: You can flip the bed for a change of scenery, with the option of a colored or ivory side.

Replacement Parts Available: For your convenience, we offer individual parts separately, so you can keep your pet's bed in tip-top shape.

Quality Craftsmanship: Our pet bed is proudly made in the USA, with skilled local craftspeople putting their heart and time into every stitch.


Approximately 33 inches long x 27 inches wide x 5 inches high


1 Hypoallergenic cotton fabric cover.

2 Soft and durable pillows. 

Care Instructions

To keep your pet's bed fresh and inviting, wash the cover in your home machine using bleach according to the bottle instructions. Please note that the fabric may shrink about 1%, but it ages gracefully, much like our favorite pair of jeans. To refresh the pillows, let them rest in the gentle sunlight for one to two hours. If needed, you can wash them using the hand wash mode of your washing machine and dry them on a low temperature setting.

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